An Advisor's Take on ICSC: Noticing the SVN Difference

Experiencing the SVN Difference at ICSC in Las Vegas

Walls, doors, whispering and winks. All of these were present at this year’s ICSC convention. Not that these are in and of themselves bad, but it was these differences that I noticed between our SVN booth and most others.

Our SVN booth was not the biggest, definitely not the most extravagant, but it was packed, well-lit, there were no back rooms for private conversations, or doors to suggest that only someone more important than me can go there.

As I walked around, almost 2 years into a Commercial Brokerage career with SVN | Cornerstone in Spokane, WA and my second ICSC, it struck me, that’s another example of our SVN Difference.

Opening Closed Doors: The SVN Difference

SVN Difference at ICSC
The SVN booth at ICSC in May.

We aren’t about walls and doors or whispering and winks. We are about visible opportunities and “sky’s the limit” access to information with our culture of collaboration.

At SVN we have regular access to our top Executives, our Managing Directors, other offices who have done what we are trying to do and world-class technology platforms to do it well. And that kind of environment is exactly what our industry needs to attract future talent.

Professionals my age want to know we have a chance. We want to know that if we work hard we will have as good of a chance as any to create a respectable income for our loved ones. That if we don’t have access to closed doors and are separated by fancy walls, we still have access to opportunity.

And that’s a big part of the SVN Difference. Opportunity. And that’s exactly the opposite of what those walls, doors, whispering and winks produce.

We are a country founded upon the value of opportunity. If I can just get a chance, don’t give it to me, but give me a chance and I will out work the other broker.

That’s what SVN does. We get all the tools, the right culture and a chance. What else can someone ask for?

To learn more about the SVN Difference, visit the Why SVN page here.

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Top Reasons to Visit the SVN Booth at ICSC in Las Vegas

RECon is just over a week away, and SVN is ready

Yes, of course SVN will be at ICSC RECon. Booth C162F to be exact! And we’re looking forward to all the networking and deal-making opportunities that are ahead.

Here’s why you should stop by the SVN booth in Las Vegas:

  1. We Share Fees – We’re the only commercial real estate company founded on the idea of compensated corporation. What’s this mean for you? How’s a 50% commission split sound on deals you do with an SVN Advisor? It sounds good to us, and guess what else? Higher splits increase demand, which ultimately leads to deals making it to market faster, and closing at a greater value. (See SVNIC EVP of Franchise Development Solomon Poretsky’s Commercial Real Estate Cooperation Report here).
  2. Over 100 SVN Advisors will be in Attendance – SVN is a network of over 1,500 Advisors spanning 500 markets in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Russia, so there’s a good chance we’ll have someone from your market to talk to. If not, we guarantee you’ll be hearing about us in your market soon. Our comprehensive commercial real estate services include sales, leasing, tenant representation, asset management, property management, corporate, consultation, accelerated marketing, and auction services.
  3. We are also a Commercial Real Estate Franchisor – Interested in joining SVN? We can make that a reality. We are always looking for more qualified real estate professionals to expand our already successful network. Become a part of our growth by joining the 6th Most Recognized Brand in Commercial Real Estate*, and branding yourself as a national firm driven by our culture of accountability, responsibility, and transparency.

Still not convinced? Come by anyway and we promise we’ll give you a reason to get excited and share what you learned about SVN with your colleagues, clients, and friends. Click here for directions to the SVN booth C162F.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

*Based on The Lipsey Co.’s 2016 Commercial Real Estate Brand Survey

ICSC RECon 2016 - SVN Booth

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The CRE Advisor's Guide to Surviving ICSC RECon 2016

Getting Ready for RECon 2016

As you’re probably aware, ICSC’s annual RECon is the event of all events for those in the commercial real estate industry, and an even bigger deal for those who specialize in retail. With over 40,000 attendees predicted to attend, and over 1,000 company booths, it’s a wonder how you will be able to see everything you want to see, learn everything you made the trip to learn, and network with the individuals you desperately need to meet.

Here are a few tips to survive Las Vegas this May:

  1. Plan ahead. If you haven’t already started thinking about this then go do it, like, now. The ICSC website has a list of all the attendees and booths that will be at the conference. Sit down and highlight which markets you would like to focus on, and who you want to meet in those markets. Find out if they have a booth, and schedule as many meetings as possible. Make a map of the convention center, highlight the booths you plan to see, in what order, and try not to get lost!
  2. Get the important things done first. As the conference drags on, many attendees will start to get bored or tired, and may not be hanging around for the last day and a half. Make sure you are scheduling meetings with the people you must see, and must talk to, first. Create a second “potential” list for the people you would like to speak with if you have time, or happen to run into at their booth. This way you are keeping your priorities in order, and making sure your time is well spent.
  3. Enjoy your time. There is no doubt that the conference can become hectic. Take advantage of this opportunity by introducing yourself to as many people as possible. The chances you are connected may be slim, but who knows who you will meet. RECon provides the best opportunity to expand your network and increase your business and deal flow.

Now that you’ve set up some meetings, take a deep breath and get excited for this action-packed weekend. And don’t forget to stop by SVN at booth C162F to find out what our Advisors have been up to! Click here for directions to the SVN booth C162F.

Oh, and amid all this preparation and excitement for #RECon2016, don’t forget to book your flights…

ICSC Recon Invite SVN

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5 Key Retail Market Insights from ICSC's RECon 2015

What are the major retail market trends driving today’s real estate economy? That is a huge question, but luckily SVN’s Shari Tucker-Gasser has some answers. As the National Council Chair of Multi-Tenant Retail for Sperry Van Ness, LLC, Tucker-Gasser shared some of her expert retail market insights with GlobeSt.com at this year’s RECon in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Retail Market Insights: 5 Key Takeaways

1. Real estate investment trusts (“REITs”) are dominating the retail market space. This means that it’s a tough market for independent investors, who can’t compete with the deep pockets of real estate investment trusts. With greater financial resources, REITs have the ability to take more risks with their property investments. This shuts many independent investors out of the market, because they can’t afford what REITs are willing to pay for properties.

2. Anchors are popular, but not a necessity. Due to the threat of an anchor possibly vacating, some investors prefer to buy unanchored strip centers. So while independent investors may be excluded from certain deals because of powerful REITs, they still have some attractive (and affordable) investment options.

3. “Green” properties in urban areas are purchased based on curb appeal. People often enjoy being able to say that they purchased renovated or “recycled” properties. “Green” buildings are trendy and appealing for certain types of investors, who are typically not as motivated by cash.

4. Revitalization projects can be attractive and mutually beneficial. Developing an area is exciting, because you are uplifting a previously struggling community. Millennials tend to prefer inner city areas, where they can easily commute to work and spend time with their peers. This poses a great opportunity for developers, who can revamp inner city communities to meet the needs of the growing number of city-dwellers.

5. The lack of good leasing brokers is a problem. Due to the recession, many good brokers have left the business. The industry needs a new crop of talented leasing brokers to sustain the commercial real estate field. This new breed of brokers will not appear overnight, but Tucker-Gasser remains optimistic.

To read more on retail markets in the commercial real estate industry, download the 2015 Retail Market Update report.



George Slusser & Karen Hurd Attend ICSC New York National Conference 2013

George Slusser, Chief Growth Officer, and Karen Hurd, National Sales Director, represented Sperry Van Ness International Corporation at the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) New York National Conference December 9–10 in New York, NY. An annual deal-making event, ICSC NY is a great opportunity for brokers, owners, developers and lenders to make deals and forge relationships.

Below we’ve interviewed George Slusser about his experience at the conference and his top takeaways.

SVNIC: George, why is it important to attend The ICSC New York National Conference?
George: The ICSC regional event in New York is second only to the annual RECon event in Las Vegas for its size and scope. Nearly 8,000 developers, brokers, vendors and retail company representatives were in attendance. ICSC combines a training and educational component with a very robust “deal making” opportunity.  Most of the major players in the industry are in attendance and our presence is important to develop deal flow and continue to promote awareness.

George Slusser, SVNIC's Chief Growth Officer, at the ICSC New York National Conference
George Slusser, Chief Growth Officer, at SVNIC’s booth at the ICSC New York National Conference

SVNIC: Share your best takeaway from the event for our Advisor team.
George:  There was a lot of activity in our booth as the traffic was very consistent. The SVN Advisors that were able to attend walked away with some very solid leads on buyers for specific properties they presented. They also created new potential business relationships that will lead to increased opportunities and closed transactions.

SVNIC: How did the Sperry Van Ness booth fare?
George:  We had over 100 visitors stop by the booth many looking to acquire property along the Eastern Seaboard. We have many leads and contacts that were established by the SVN Advisors that attended and we even have a few to forward around the country. The atmosphere was very positive and there were a lot of people in “deal making” mode.

SVNIC: We’re looking to expand, were you able to meet quality franchise prospects?
George: We had serious conversations with a number of quality individuals that were interested in the Sperry Van Ness platform. We met candidates who may join an existing office and others wanting to facilitate our aggressive North East expansion plans as a potential franchisee. We had traditional brokerage firms and property management firms requesting additional information on our value proposition and new PM offering.  Some who came by the booth had already visited svn.com and viewed our informative franchise site in advance.


*All Sperry Van Ness offices are independently owned and operated.

ICSC #REcon2013, 10 Consumer Trends and my New Blue Suede Shoes

The Sperry Van Ness® booth at the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) annual real estate conference (RECon2013) was busy during the annual retail conference held every year in Las Vegas. We had over 80 of our advisors at the conference doing deals and getting the job done.

Randi Zuckerberg gave a great keynote (yes, she is the sister of Mark and the former marketing director for Facebook).  Zuckerberg outlined the 10 trends that define the life of the modern consumers in mobile, social and tech. In case you missed it, I took copious notes and here is the summary:

1. Luxury on demand. Luxury is neither exclusive nor elusive. With sites like http://www.renttherunway.com/, anyone can borrow a red carpet outfit. In addition, we have personal assistants on demand and even corporate jets that we can rent.

2. Mobile everything and everywhere. Now we have cars and homes interacting with phones. We even pay for Starbucks with our phones. Other retailers need to follow.

3. Rise of “entre-ployees” creates challenges and more competition. Keeping good employees will remain difficult, as they will be in demand and looking to “do their own thing.”  Companies who are doing well will try to create an entrepreneurial culture.  They may even have entrepreneurs in residence.  According to recent surveys, evangelist and community manager are two of the fastest growing titles.  Retail can even take this a step further and not just empower their employees, but also empower consumers to be entrepreneurial. For example, consumers on Nike can design their own shoes.

4. Big data in the cloud. Big data sounds so off-putting, but it really is the key to personalization. Some examples of where folks can have personalized experiences are on Tripadvisor, or Netflix and Amazon as these sites make recommendations personal to you. Going forward, your local mall should know who you are when you arrive and be able to personalize the experience for you.

5. Fast, fun & easy retail. There’s been a huge increase of subscription shopping. In addition to Groupon, there are sites you have to join like Gilt, Hautelook and RueLaLa. Gilt takes it to a new level by giving Facebook fans early access to sales. Another change is that retail brands are becoming media companies. Mod Cloth adds product every day. Bonobos has a showroom order online.

6. Your car is the new phone. The latest apps (GPS, weather, music etc.)  are being developed specifically for your car, and you can expect to see more.

7. The gamification of everything. Shopkick.com is one of several apps that give you bonuses and points for shopping.

8. Now everyone can have a second job online. If someone is looking for ways to make a little extra money online, they are not limited to affiliate marketing. Sites like Task Rabbit provide folks with time on their hands an opportunity to get paid to run errands and 99designs.com gives graphic designers a place to freelance.

9. Etiquette and digital detox.  With all this digital and mobile developments, there is also a counterswing where folks are going to retreats looking for a digital detox.

10. Socially conscious retail. Consumers care about the backstory and with the web, they are able to find it.

What about the blue suede shoes? Approximately two weeks before the conference, while scrolling through Pinterest, I noticed a pair of shoes posted from a popular office fashion blog. The author raved about their comfort. This sparked my interest as anyone who has walked the Las Vegas Convention Center, you know it’s tough on your feet. I read all the online reviews, asked my friends on Facebook, and then decided to buy them.

So, I found the blue suede shoes by accident on a social network. I then crowdsourced opinions, and had a personalized shopping experience (as the store made other recommendations I might like). As for gamification – I’ve become the master of Googling for discounts and rebates and never paying full price–it’s like a game for me. There you have it:, a real life modern consumer in action at ICSC. The bonus? The shoes came in Sperry Van Ness® blue!

Diane K. Danielson is the Chief Platform Officer of Sperry Van Ness International Corp.


*All Sperry Van Ness® Offices are Independently Owned and Operated.