The CRE Advisor's Guide to Surviving ICSC RECon 2016

Getting Ready for RECon 2016

As you’re probably aware, ICSC’s annual RECon is the event of all events for those in the commercial real estate industry, and an even bigger deal for those who specialize in retail. With over 40,000 attendees predicted to attend, and over 1,000 company booths, it’s a wonder how you will be able to see everything you want to see, learn everything you made the trip to learn, and network with the individuals you desperately need to meet.

Here are a few tips to survive Las Vegas this May:

  1. Plan ahead. If you haven’t already started thinking about this then go do it, like, now. The ICSC website has a list of all the attendees and booths that will be at the conference. Sit down and highlight which markets you would like to focus on, and who you want to meet in those markets. Find out if they have a booth, and schedule as many meetings as possible. Make a map of the convention center, highlight the booths you plan to see, in what order, and try not to get lost!
  2. Get the important things done first. As the conference drags on, many attendees will start to get bored or tired, and may not be hanging around for the last day and a half. Make sure you are scheduling meetings with the people you must see, and must talk to, first. Create a second “potential” list for the people you would like to speak with if you have time, or happen to run into at their booth. This way you are keeping your priorities in order, and making sure your time is well spent.
  3. Enjoy your time. There is no doubt that the conference can become hectic. Take advantage of this opportunity by introducing yourself to as many people as possible. The chances you are connected may be slim, but who knows who you will meet. RECon provides the best opportunity to expand your network and increase your business and deal flow.

Now that you’ve set up some meetings, take a deep breath and get excited for this action-packed weekend. And don’t forget to stop by SVN at booth C162F to find out what our Advisors have been up to! Click here for directions to the SVN booth C162F.

Oh, and amid all this preparation and excitement for #RECon2016, don’t forget to book your flights…

ICSC Recon Invite SVN

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