SVN® Commercial Real Estate Advisors put clients’ interests first. This is why we have become one of the most recognized commercial real estate brands in the world.

At SVN® we believe in and actively practice Compensated Cooperation. This means that our Advisors commit to sharing fees equitably on any given transaction with other agents, outside brokers, and independent agents. All outside brokers and buyers are invited to opportunities and are equally rewarded for their efforts and relationships.

Through the practice of Compensated Cooperation, Advisors are able to expand their market reach in primary, secondary, and tertiary markets, allowing them to service their clients on a national level, from Main Street to Wall Street. This increased exposure generates more offers, which leads to maximum value for clients.

To support these efforts, all Advisors have access to innovative online publication and syndication software, leading-edge research, CRM programs, and National Product Councils. This combination of shared expertise and technology allows our Advisors to maximize our client’s time and return.

Our Advisors believe that Compensated Cooperation is not just in the client’s best interest, but it is simply the right thing to do. That’s the SVN Difference.


SVN Successes & Achievements: SVN touches on 2014 successes, growth, and future plans while providing an insight into the SVN culture focusing on the SVN National Conference.

Top 10 Reasons why a CRE broker or property manager may want to consider a franchise opportunity with SVNIC.

  1. Business Ownership: Franchising with SVN is one of the best ways to broaden your reach, enhance your productivity, and be in control of your own success.
  2. Deal Flow: Our national platform connects you with 1,200 advisors and staff in more than 200 markets with over $8 billion in deal flow.
  3. Tools: SVN’s proprietary system of leading-edge CRE tech tools1 and online resources give you a competitive edge in your market.
  4. Culture: Our unique culture is built on our Core Covenants, emphasizing collaboration, accountability, responsibility, and transparency to create a positive work environment for our team.
  5. Speed: An award-winning marketing system2 and tools provide accelerated speed to market for your listings for shortened sales cycles and expedited closings.
  6. National Brand Recognition: Combine the 8th Most Recognized Name in Commercial Real Estate3 with your outstanding local reputation. Gain major brand alignment to compete for listings at a national level.
  7. Training, Mentoring & Recruiting: Valuable and unique resources, including our expert CRE webinars, our effective onboarding program, and the SVN System for GrowthTM, along with recruiting assistance and peer coaching groups, all make up the SVN Difference.
  8. Cloud-Based Platform: Connects you to your business from any device, from any location, letting you leave your desk behind.
  9. Trust: SVNIC is committed to sharing our fees and compensation with the entire brokerage community.
  10. Minimal Transition Time: Get your firm up and running in no time. This includes our SVN System for Growth™ and onboarding tools as well, as one-on-one assistance from our Transition Specialist.