Relating “The Extra Mile” by Glenn Morshower to the SVN Core Covenants

How does “The Extra Mile” by Glenn Morshower correspond and relate to the SVN Core Covenants?

We had the distinct pleasure of being exposed to an outstanding keynote speaker, Glenn Morshower, recently at our SVN National conference in San Antonio. As always our Executive team, Advisory Board and conference team hit a home run in my opinion with Glenn; certainly entertaining, definitely memorable and hugely credible. I think he hit on all facets of our SVN life, our business and our sense of community. For fun, I overlaid his “Extra Mile” concept over our Core Covenants. See if you agree that they line up very well.

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Cooperating proactively with all brokers and agents and always placing my client’s interests above my own.

“Do unto others as you would have life do unto you”.

Showing respect and support to my clients and colleagues.

“Who I am anywhere is who I am everywhere”.

Honoring my commitments.

“There is no boundary on good or truth”.

Personifying and upholding the Sperry Van Ness® brand.

“We are winners by design”.

Creating tangible benefits for my clients, colleagues and community.

“It’s not I’ll believe it when I see it, but rather I will see it when I believe it”

Resolving conflicts quickly, positively and effectively.

“I am no longer disposed to be in conflict with myself or anyone”.

Taking personal responsibility for achieving my own potential.

Like the “Circle of Habit” for Gill in the Fish Bowl…we know how to find and fill a bathtub…no limits.

Excelling in my market area and specialty within the firm.

“What do I want to do most?”

Focusing on the positive and possible.

“Impossibilities become possibilities; possibilities become probabilities; probabilities become inevitabilities”; it is up to you.

Nurturing my career while valuing the importance of family, health and community.

The balance of life is Spiritual, Emotional, Financial and Physical. Is what you are doing a “contribution or a contamination?”