International Students Share Their Thoughts on SVN and CRE

SVN & the International Entrepreneurship Center

Our industry has a problem. The average age of a commercial real estate agent is around 60 — which is an issue as Millennials like me are starting to outnumber other generations in the workforce. And with SVN growing internationally, we wanted to know how the brand and industry resonate outside of the U.S. — so we partnered with a group of Brazilian students through Boston College’s International Entrepreneurship Center to find some answers. On Wednesday, July 29th the students presented their ideas on how to make the SVN brand and CRE industry more appealing to Millennials, from an international perspective.

International Insights: 3 Ways to Reach Millennials

  1. It all starts with the website. As tech-obsessed Millennials, the first thing we do when we hear about a company is Google it. So no matter the size of your office, you’d better have a good website. To the Brazilian students, a “good” website is one that is light on text and heavy on visuals. The students also pointed out that they need to identify with the content on the site. Quotes, testimonials, and photos of young Advisors can help solve this issue.
  2. Let’s talk money. A commission-only job sounds risky, and it certainly can be. But the students were comfortable with the idea because starting a company or similar entrepreneurial endeavors are basically commission-only until you have funding.  Due to language barriers and their just learning the business, the Brazilian students were initially confused with the SVN concept of “compensated cooperation.” Once they understood the benefits of splitting commissions it seemed to fit right in with their view of open and transparent business practices in a sharing economy.
  3. Emphasize the benefits of a franchise. Franchises are big in Brazil and can translate well in international markets. To attract Millennials to work for a franchise business, it’s important to highlight the upsides like training, tools, and independence that the franchise model can offer. As the Brazilian students said in their presentation, with a franchise “you’re on your own but you’re not alone.” You’re in charge of your own destiny, but the franchise system has your back.

If you’re ready to take your CRE career to the next level with the SVN franchise system, visit our Careers page here.

[bctt tweet=”To attract Millennials to work for a franchise business, it’s important to highlight the upsides like training, tools, and independence that the franchise model can offer. “]

SVNIC Adds SVN/Motley's Franchise in Richmond, VA

Sperry Van Ness/Motley’s in Richmond, Virginia  is the newest Sperry Van Ness International Corporation (SVNIC) franchise office. Known simply as “Motley’s” to many in the Richmond area since 1968, the full-service auction and realty group now joins SVNIC as it looks to further advance its success – and expose its listings to an even wider audience of potential buyers.

Mark Motley, CAI, AARE, Managing Director, SVN/Motley's
Mark Motley, CAI, AARE, Managing Director

Managing Director Mark Motley, CAI, AARE has more than 30 years of experience with commercial real estate appraisals and dispositions. He was first exposed to real estate auctions at the age of 13, learning the business from his father. In 1988, Mark led the expansion of Motley’s to include an industrial division, providing liquidations and appraisals for the assets of brokerage corporations like SVNIC. A decade later, he entered the online auction market as a co-founder of the Auction Online Network. And in 2008, he added turnkey foreclosure and trustee services as an offshoot of Motley’s. Now in 2013, the company will grow yet again, with the support of SVNIC’s nationwide platform.

“We’ve really embraced the things that make SVNIC different from other commercial real estate companies,” said Motley. “SVNIC’s culture of collaboration allows us to further accelerate our auction services by reaching potential buyers from all around the country. Additionally, the social media support and transparency in promoting listings – even to competitors – will allow us to increase sales when it comes to marketing more traditional properties.”   

SVNIC is the only commercial real estate firm that markets all of its properties nationally to a 100,000-member brokerage and investment community. From 2010 to 2012, SVNIC gave more than $200 million in shared commissions to its own competitors for bringing the highest bidder to the table, allowing advisors to see gains from closing more deals in less time. Advisors also reap the benefits of SVNIC’s cloud-based enterprise system that enables easy, on-the-go access to property listings and client contacts; real-time data sharing; and software that allows for the assembly of professional proposals and marketing materials.

Learn more about becoming an SVNIC business owner here.

*All Sperry Van Ness offices are independently owned and operated.

New Franchise Focus: Sperry Van Ness/The Founders Group in Myrtle Beach

Sperry Van Ness International Corporation (SVNIC) is proud to announce the addition of its newest franchise office, Sperry Van Ness/The Founders Group in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

One of the most popular destinations along the eastern seaboard for tourists and investors alike, Myrtle Beach features a wide array of commercial real estate property types including beachfront resorts, apartments, shops, restaurants, and more. With a deep knowledge of this diverse market, Managing Directors Van Watts and Jay Smith will employ SVNIC’s innovative marketing tools to skillfully serve clients from South Carolina and beyond.

Watts brings more than 28 years of real estate experience to SVN/The Founders Group, having previously covered major sales and development projects as founder and president of South Carolina’s Pace Realty. A 25-year veteran of the industry, Smith most recently served as a principal with nFusion, a real estate consultancy providing REO evaluation and disposition, loan sales, asset repositioning, and other services. In joining forces, Watts and Smith present a unique understanding of the needs of both investors and lenders.

Discussing the decision, Van Watts said:

 When we decided to form a brokerage, Jay and I were initially drawn to the culture of collaboration at SVNIC. What solidified our decision to join the company was the repeated enthusiasm we heard from franchisees in markets across the United States. Here in our corner of the country, we’re confident the marketing platform will help us reach a wider audience with our listings, as we continue to see more buyers and sellers from across the state lines.

To learn more about becoming an SVNIC business owner, click here.

*All Sperry Van Ness offices are independently owned and operated.