Office Spotlight: Sperry Van Ness/Percival Partners in Charlotte, NC

This week, we turn the spotlight on Sperry Van  Ness/Percival Partners with offices in Charlotte, North Carolina.

N.J. (Joey) Godbold | Managing Director and CEO | SVN/Percival Partners
N.J. (Joey) Godbold | Managing Director and CEO | SVN/Percival Partners

What has been your strategy for growing your firm and also your market area?

Like many firms across the country, we contracted during that little downward cycle we experienced a few years ago. As activity has become much more robust, we have a goal to increase our staff by five Advisors by the end of 2015. We have found that the demand for sales people has increased significantly lately and we are competing with other industries for good folks. We have enrolled in SVN’s RPO Program which has been very helpful in identifying mid-career candidates. A significant portion of my time and energy is spent in recruiting, which will pay off in market share over the coming three years.

What are some of the unique activities you do to motivate your team? 

We have always enjoyed a family atmosphere and that in itself goes a long way toward a positive, motivational office. As Advisors take advantage of technology to work more outside the office now, it has become more important to create opportunities for team-building and motivational activities. Annually, we participate in a large charity volleyball tournament. Monthly, our sales meetings are lunch affairs. We are now in the midst of a listing contest with the grand prize being a weekend at a posh hotel in Charleston, SC.

What’s been the biggest challenge in running your business in the last few years?

Our firm has been in the Charlotte, NC market for over 50 years. We have been blessed with long-serving, top-notch Advisors who have been with our firm for many years. The other side of that blessing is that we need to be attentive to bringing in younger Advisors – those who will become the next generation of performance and leadership. That was not our focus over the past few years because of the state of the economy. Thus, the need to re-focus on recruitment.

How many Advisors/Staff did you have when you joined SVN? How many (in total) do you have now? 

For the past few years, we have refrained from growing our firm size. Upon joining SVN in June of this year, we have gone back on the recruiting path to increase from the current level of 7 Advisors. The SVN move has certainly created some interest in the market and I regularly interview 5 – 8 prospects per month. Some of the interviewing activity comes through the RPO program. To date, I have not found the right mix but with the current activity, expect to bring 2 to 3 new Advisors on board in the next few months.

N.J. (Joey) Godbold
Managing Director and CEO
Sperry Van Ness/Percival Partners, LLC
Charlotte, NC

*All Sperry Van Ness® offices are independently owned and operated.

5 for Friday with Joey Godbold of Sperry Van Ness/Percival Partners, LLC

This week, our 5 for Friday features Joey Godbold, Managing Director of Sperry Van Ness/Percival Partners, LLC out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

1. What is your geographic market and product specialty?

Joey Godbold | Managing Director | SVN/Percival Partners, LLC
Joey Godbold | Managing Director | SVN/Percival Partners, LLC

The Charlotte MSA, encompassing ten counties in North Carolina and South Carolina and a population base of 2.3 million, is my primary market area. For investment properties in excess of $1MM, I consider “the Carolinas” to be my extended area. Managing an office with multiple specialties, I try to stay connected with the five major sectors – office; industrial; retail; land; and investment properties. As to my personal practice, I tend to deal in multi-tenant investment properties.

2. What’s your latest best practice tip that you can share?

After you have decided on a specialty, do what it takes to know the players in that field. That may include joining – and being active in – trade associations; LinkedIn groups; SVN Product Councils, etc. Take the time and put forth the effort required to become an expert.

3. What’s been the biggest change over on how you run your business in the past decade?

It used to be that a real estate broker earned a commission, primarily, by introducing a qualified buyer to a reasonably-priced asset. Today, through the Internet, buyer and seller can find each other without our assistance. Therefore, more focus is placed on adding value to the transaction by advising clients and creating a competitive market in order to achieve the desired price level.

4. What business book do you like to recommend to your colleagues?

I just completed re-reading “Goals!” by Brian Tracy and am currently reading “Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions” by Keith Rosen. Both are commendable but the point is that we should always be reading something. Reading a so-so book is much better than reading nothing.

5. What’s a fun fact that not everyone knows about you?

I am often accused of having a boating “compulsion.” I do own too many floating vessels.

*All Sperry Van Ness offices are independently owned and operated.