Bo Barron's Tips to Build Better Business Relationships

Bo Barron, Vice President of Organizational Development at Sperry Van Ness International Corp.
Bo Barron, Vice President of Organizational Development at Sperry Van Ness International Corp.

Commercial Real Estate is all about relationships. Getting face to face with prospects and clients is the most effective way to build relationships and to find and win business.

With the onset of new technologies, there’s a growing trend to use these advancements to replace this face to face interaction. I think this is a mistake. Social media like Twitter, LinkedIn and others cannot replace the effectiveness of face to face meetings. Social media can, however, enhance your ability to build relationships to be able to get those in person meetings.

I write about these issues on my professional coaching blog, theBarronBlog, on a regular basis and it’s a snippet of how I’m working with our team of Sperry Van Ness Commercial Real Estate Advisors across the country. Below are links to three recent posts that can help any real estate professional Level Up your practice.

The 17 Rules of Email Etiquette – Many of us work with or for large companies. We have access to large email lists.  Understanding email etiquette is so important to protecting the culture of an organization as well as guarding productivity.

My biggest beef with email is its ability to interrupt me.  The nature of my business requires me to be doing multiple things. I am not a natural multi-tasker. I much prefer to hone in on a task and focus all my energy on it. I rarely get to do this and am also easily distracted. The ding and notification that announces every email can cost me 5 – 60 minutes if I let it. I routinely get 200+ emails a day. That equates to 200+ opportunities to be distracted from what is important to what is less important but potentially urgent.

Review:  Platform – Get noticed in a Noisy World – This is the book that started it for me. This past May, Michael Hyatt published his New York Times bestseller Platform:  Get Noticed in a Noisy World. My professional coaching blog was built on what I learned in this book. (Note that Michael Hyatt will be one of our featured speakers at our National Conference in Miami this February!).

As I write this post, I have 2,677 followers on Twitter; 1,502 business connections on LinkedIn; and 2,698 ‘friends’ on Facebook.  I don’t share this to boast. I simply want you to know what is possible. I am certainly not a celebrity. What I have done is execute a plan, and it has worked.

My Tools to Manage Twitter in 15 Minutes a Day – One of the most frequent questions that I get as I speak to groups is how I manage twitter. No one believes that it only takes 15 minutes or less a day.

There is so much developing in the world of technology that there is no way that I can keep up with it all.  What are some of the tools and technology that you use to connect most effectively with your clients and prospects?

Bo Barron, a former Sperry Van Ness franchisee, is our new Vice President of Organizational Development.


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