Office Spotlight: Coast/Sperry Van Ness in Seattle & Everett, WA

This week, we turn the spotlight on Coast/Sperry Van Ness with offices in Everett and Seattle, Washington.

1. What has been your strategy for growing your firm and also your market share?
We’re structured a little differently that most SVN firms as we have a sizable property management sister company and a private equity investment arm associated with us. A full 30%  to 40% of our twelve Advisors’ leads come from house referrals due to these and other linkages. That level of consistent referrals allows us to offer them what is effectively a base salary, so it’s a big advantage in our advisor recruiting efforts. We love the culture of cooperation, tools, and network with SVN, but driving business to our Advisors and then supporting them as they work on their business plans is how we recruit effectively. Growing this business, after all, is about building on “same store sales” (helping our advisors keep increasing their gross commission incomes) as well as growing by head count (recruiting).

2. What are some of the unique activities you do to motivate your team? 
None. If I have to motivate them, they’re in the wrong shop. We only bring in people who can write a strong business plan, stick to it, be accountable, and are hungry. If they have an off year, we work with them but if they string a few together, we are intentional about helping them find another career. Like a football team, we have a “next man in” mentality and if a player is off his/her game and not making plays, we bring in someone who can.  Fortunately, nearly all of the people we’ve recruited have stayed.

 3. What’s been the biggest challenge in how you run your business over the last few years?
Time. I’d like more time to meet more prospective Advisors, recruit them, and work more closely with my Advisors. We’d like to get to 18 Advisors and hold there. I’m four away from that target today.

4. How many Advisors/Staff did you have when you joined SVN? How many (in total) do you have now? 
We started with eight in 2007  when we joined SVN. I terminated anyone who couldn’t produce a business plan six months later that showed they wanted to earn at least $150K gross commissions the next year. That policy brought us down to three very good ones and since then I have been steadily growing it to our current size of twelve. I couldn’t be prouder of the quality of Advisors we have in our firm– each one of them.


Tom Hoban, Managing Director
Coast/Sperry Van Ness
Email: tom.hoban@svn.com
Phone: 425.339.3638

*All Sperry Van Ness® offices are independently owned and operated.

Sperry Van Ness Western Regional Conference 2013

Portland, Oregon–More than 70 advisors, managing directors and operational staff came together September 11 and12 for an insightful Regional Training session. The event was produced by regional franchisees and organized by Curt Arthur, SIOR, Managing Director Sperry Van Ness, Salem, Oregon and his amazing team Meghan Salinas and Christy Bailey.

The corporate team was pleased to be in attendance and kicking off the events was Sperry Van Ness CEO and President, Kevin Maggiacomo. Other speakers included–Diane Danielson, Chief Platform Officer, who revealed exciting new technology advances that the company will be using in the near future. Bo Barron, Vice President of Development, spoke to using key performance indicators and using peer accountability for improved performance and profitability. From specialized break out sessions (delivered by regional managing directors, including: Karlin Conklin, Tom Hoban, Neil Sherman and Steve Kawulok and Vice President, Tony Yousif) to guest speakers and market updates, this training session covered it all.

A special thanks to Curt Arthur, and his team for producing a topnotch event enjoyed by all in attendance.

*All Sperry Van Ness offices are independently owned and operated.