5 for Friday with Jim Morgan of Sperry Van Ness/Investec Services

This week, our 5 for Friday features Jim Morgan, CCIM, Managing Director with SVN/Investec Services based out of Jacksonville, FL.

Jim Morgan, CCIM, Managing Director, SVN/Investec Services
Jim Morgan, CCIM, Managing Director, SVN/Investec Services

1. What is your geographic market and product specialty?
Northeast Florida and Jacksonville SMSA. Lately, I have focused on distressed assets and helping SVN advisors bring clients to this area. As the market returns, my specialties are land, office, retail, and motivated clients. My CCIM and Master’s level qualification, can handle most market types. SVN’s marketing program is a great boost.

2. What’s your latest best practice tip that you can share?
Talking with clients, sharing educational information, experience, valuation techniques, and sharing current market information while listening to their objectives and measuring their abilities leads to cooperative success.

3. What’s been the biggest change over on how you run your business in the past decade?
The speed of technology and the ability to attractively answer inquires and produce information is amazing. You still have to ensure the information is received and understood.

4. What business book do you like to recommend to your colleagues?
“Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t” by Jim Collins and “Brokers Who Dominate” by Rod Santomassimo.

5. What’s a fun fact that not everyone knows about you?
I flew as a commercially trained instrument pilot privately for 28 years and my family are the descendants of Florida’s pioneers that were here before statehood in 1845.

*All Sperry Van Ness offices are independently owned and operated.