Why you need to tune into SVN | Live

What is SVN | Live? One of the hallmarks of the SVN® system is SVN | Live®, our weekly commercial real estate property broadcast goes out to all 200+ offices and is open to the entire industry. New and featured properties, represented by SVN Advisors, are reported on during the broadcast to SVN Advisors, clients, competing brokers, independent investors, and anyone in the industry who registers via our SVN.com website. In today’s challenging environment we are able to promote client properties to the entire industry on the webinar, via YouTube and other social media and also in our weekly property blast.

SVN Live Screen Shot

Why do we do this? We believe in leveraging technology and the transparency of the SVN system to promote our clients’ properties as quickly and to as many people in the industry as possible. Because we couple this technology with our shared fee platform, brokers from competing organizations are incentivized to join the meeting on behalf of their own clients. We are constantly updating the format and the technology behind this meeting, but its evolution is a typical example of SVN innovation.

Is this something new? SVN | Live began as a Monday morning sales meeting in our single office back in 1987. As the company expanded across the country, offices began connecting telephonically and via webinar thereafter. In 2012, we moved to an interactive format with slides that we promoted via social media. In 2014, the leadership team decided that if our goal was to create increased demand for our properties we needed to open up the sales call to non-SVN colleagues, clients and potential clients, becoming the first commercial real estate brand to embrace the power of technology-enabled open markets. Recently, we made further investments in the technology and added screen-sharing, re-broadcast and additional updated video capabilities.

Have a property you want featured on SVN | Live? Contact one of our many Advisors. Or want to see the inventory? Visit our SVN.com website and fill out the registration on the main page for the upcoming SVN | Live broadcast or Property Blast.