Tuesday Tip: Try One More

It’s Tuesday, and time for another great tip to help improve your CRE skills.

Today’s tip from Solomon Poretsky, Chief Development Officer, SVN International Corp:

When you think you’re done with a conversation, try asking one more question.


Think you understand the client’s motivation? Ask one more question and go a little deeper. You never know what you might learn. When the tenant is ready to write an offer that you know is too low, why not ask one last time if they can get closer to market value to avoid alienating the landlord? And if you are on the phone with a prospect who won’t meet with you, but who hasn’t hung up yet, why not bring up a new subject and see if you can get another bite at the apple?

Persistence pays off in the commercial real estate business.

Persistence means asking one more question, trying one more tactic.

What do you do to keep the connection going? Share your tips with us in the comments.