Tuesday Tip: Clean up your CRE email list!

Today’s Tuesday Tip is all about improving your email marketing, and is brought to you by Donna VanSchagen, SVN’s VP of Marketing and Communications.

Email marketing one of the best ways to reach your commercial real estate audience, and it’s also one of the most cost-effective and targeted marketing methods around. But not all email marketing is created equal. The best email marketing depends on having a clean list of qualified recipients.

Here are three actions to make sure your email database is clean:

1) Avoid the “bounce:” Bounces happen when email can’t be delivered to its recipient. The best way to avoid the bounce is to make sure your list is up to date. If someone leaves a company or changes their email address, be sure to make those changes immediately to your database. Always check the bounced email list, and make updates or deletions as necessary.

2) Spell names properly. Dr. Marie Smythe probably hates getting mail addressed to Miss Mary Smith. It should go without saying that you should always check that names and titles are correct and spelled properly.

3) Obtain permission and provide a way to opt out. Not only is it unpleasant to get email that you didn’t ask for, it is against the CAN-SPAM law. In order to send email to someone, you must have their consent. It’s also part of the law that you have to provide an easy way for people to stop getting your emails.

Bottom line: A clean list will help make your #CRE email marketing campaign a success.