Kevin Maggiacomo Kicks Off SVN Annual Conference

“Leverage … the SVN culture to take market share in this era of change.” That’s what SVN President & CEO Kevin Maggiacomo encouraged the 400+ attendees to the 2019 SVN Annual Conference in Miami to do.  These attendees, who hail from 38 states and five foreign countries, learned from Kevin during the opening session about the CRE industry in general, how SVN did in 2018, and where SVN is headed this year and beyond.

Kevin Maggiacomo, President & CEO

CRE is being disrupted

Technology is disrupting the CRE space, as is “disintermediation,”  forcing a major transformation in the way we do business. Collaboration, trust and transparency will become more important to success, and that dovetails with the unique SVN Culture and core covenants. Trust and the collaborative culture are integral to the SVN business model.

A banner year for SVN

In 2018, SVN experienced its best year ever. There are now over 1600 advisors and staff across the United States and eight countries. There are 21 new domestic offices, and SVN continues to expand internationally, with a recent addition in Romania. SVN Advisors are handling larger properties (in value) and closing bigger deals.

Growth ahead

SVN is positioned for more growth in 2019. SVN is aggressively pursuing minority investments in strong brokerage firms, and recently signed agreements in Los Angeles through the SVN Partnership Program. Kevin also believes that time spent hiring the best new advisors, those who are driven and value cooperation, will fuel organic growth.

Some advice

“Do one more deal, take one more step,” says Kevin Maggiacomo. “Specialize more, network more, become more efficient and results will follow.”