SVN Annual Conference Keynote Speaker: Ryan Estis

In a world where your customers and competition are changing fast, you need to think differently. If you don’t adapt, you will be a company that gets disrupted, much like Borders, Circuit City and others that were once leaders in their fields and are now defunct. That was the warning that Ryan Estis, the SVN Annual Conference keynote speaker,  had for attendees.

Success tends to breed complacency.

Turn clients into brand evangelists

Ryan Estis’ advice to brokers who want to succeed is to become obsessed with branding and client experience. Successful brokers will understand that clients want a good experience, which includes:

  • Efficiency
  • Friendly service
  • Knowledgeable service
  • Convenience
  • Up to date tech

Having a client-focused culture helps turn your clients into brand evangelists.

Know your value

Another bit of advice from Estis was that everyone needs to understand their value proposition and how to articulate it. A value proposition has to be authentic, differentiate you from your competition, and be compelling.

Go outbound

Regarding selling, Estis added that sellers have to go outbound, and can’t depend on existing relationships. When setting up a sales meeting, you need to have commitment objective. A commitment has actionable next steps, which you should reconfirm in writing.

Be a super hero

At the end of his talk, the high-energy Ryan Estis had the entire room get up and then stand in a super hero pose, which research proves energizes you and helps motivate you.