5 for Friday with Jeff Cline of SVN SFRhub Advisors

We start November with this Five for Friday, which features Jeff Cline, Executive Managing Director/Principal of SVN | SFRhub Advisors in Phoenix, Arizona. Jeff specializes in SFR (single family residential) investments, and handles transactions throughout the United States.

Jeff Cline, Managing Director, SVN | SFRhub Advisors

What advice would you provide to an aspiring advisor who is new to the industry?

The CRE industry is a great opportunity for new advisors. I would recommend teaming up with the top group practicing in the segment you are most interested in. The commission splits may be less to start, but the experience, contacts and process you will learn is well worth the investment. Also, research the SFR Investment Portfolio space. It’s new, but it’s the largest CRE segment in the past four years and has about $3-$4 trillion market depth the next five years.

What does the SVN Difference mean to you?

Joining the SVN network is best thing that my business partner Michael Finch and I have done. The collaboration with offices and advisors has been amazing. We currently are collaborating with over twenty offices nationwide assisting local advisors in the SFR / BFR segment.

 What learning tools (book, blog, website, etc.) would you recommend to your colleagues to further their knowledge and enhance their careers?

Rather than general business books, I believe it’s beneficial for an advisor to really target and understand technology optimization to enhance communication and efficiency. There are many applications available like never before to improve professionalism, knowledge and communication including Slack, Google Docs, and Asana. Also, it’s very important to know and understand Build Out, as this will create the best OM’s to impress clients!

What inspired you to open an SVN franchise? 

Michael Finch and I felt that the SVN Network is by far the only national CRE firm that would grow our business both locally and nationally through license portability collaboration. The training, expertise, system availability, and the opportunity to obtain support each day are very rarely seen in the CRE world.

 What was your most memorable deal and why?

We are a new specialized platform within the SVN network, so deals are just beginning to transact. So far, the best deal was a small one where the original opportunity started with an SVN office lease sign in Florida. The client across the street had a SFR portfolio and called the local SVN office. Jerry Anderson in Florida then introduced SFRhub Advisors to the listing client. An SVN advisor in Arizona who had a Washington State buyer relationship then sold the listing. Collaboration is why this was a great deal, which was small in size, but huge in collaboration opportunity.

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