SVN Core Covenants – Bringing Values to CRE

Most commercial real estate companies talk about culture and their value system, but none exhibit the emphasis on culture and commitment to their core values in the way that the Sperry Van Ness organization does. The Sperry Van Ness platform was founded on the Core Covenants that guide our daily decisions and our actions, both in business and everyday life.

The first of these Core Covenants states that SVN team members are committed to “cooperating proactively with all brokers and agents and always placing our clients’ interests above our own.” We do this by sharing commissions equally with the entire CRE industry. In fact, we practice Compensated Cooperation, guaranteeing that equitable co-brokerage fees are paid on all properties, and not only to brokers within the same company, but to any and all outside brokers involved. When fees and buyer pools are shared, properties generate a higher demand and price, resulting in the most value for our clients.

We also offer complete transparency of information. The CRE industry sees our latest properties at the same time that we distribute the information internally through our weekly open National Sales Call. All outside brokers and buyers are invited to this call to view these opportunities and are equally rewarded for their efforts and relationships.

Through these practices, our actions speak to our Core Covenants. We are so committed to a culture of collaboration and putting the clients’ interests first, that I believe the SVN organization is the only national firm that actually includes Core Covenants as part of our franchise agreements.

Want to learn more about our values and the culture offered to you as a part of the Sperry Van Ness team? Read the full list of our Core Covenants here or email me at george.slusser@svn.com for more information.