CRE Tech Talk – 3 Tips on How to Stay Ahead of the Tech Curve

At the SVN® organization, our commercial real estate Advisors have access to some of the most advanced tech tools available in the industry today. “So what?,” you may say. Technology is not a differentiator anymore, it is the “price of admission” and it is constantly evolving. Whether you are a broker in an independent firm, looking to switch shops, or caught up in one of the consolidations or merging of CRE firms in our industry, you are impacted. How do you navigate through the tech tools or apps that will help you the most in your business?

Every week I dedicate a little extra time to read about technology and social media best practices in an effort to learn more and share something new. I’m a big believer in leveraging relationships for knowledge. I spend time sharing information and talking with colleagues and centers of influence about what they are hearing and using. We all want to “stay ahead of the curve” and “be in the know” when it comes to the CRE tech revolution, but how?

Here are my top 3 tips:

  1. Staying connected daily on social media by reading and asking questions on these channels will keep you in the buzz of what’s going on.
  2. Aligning yourself with the right CRE organizations that push out current, innovative tech trends that you can apply to your business.
  3. Being a part of a national commercial real estate brand that provides the most cutting-edge technology tools and training helps save you time, money, and can keep you at the top of your game. Sometimes it is a simple as going back to basics.

Today, I went back to some simple basics for CRE sales professionals using Google Apps – one of the suites of tools provided to SVN team members. Referencing Google Apps Documentation and Support 101 is a great place to begin if you want to work more efficiently, especially if you are new to using a cloud based enterprise system. I read the Top 10 Google Apps tips for Sales and Marketing Users to gain insights on tools that I can be using to “work faster and collaborate better.” Here is the link if you would like to learn more. Taking the time to research quick, simple tips such as these will equip you with the tech knowledge you need to take your business to the next level.

Is it your goal to be more tech savvy and efficient in your business in 2015?
Email me at karen.hurd@svn.com or call 781.812.4272 and let’s talk about tech and the new SVN online tool “System for Growth.” No talk about the Boston weather (because it is super cold and cloudy here). At the SVN organization, our technology offerings keep advancing to assist our franchisees. However, technology can only take you so far – our Culture is where the real differentiator lies. Come see how we put it all together.

Good luck with making CRE Technology a major tool in your business in 2015. Happy New Year!