5 for Friday – Jesse Carter, Senior Vice President of SVN | BlackStream

This week, our 5 for Friday features Jesse Carter, Senior Vice President of SVN | BlackStream, based out of South Carolina. Jesse’s product specialties include corporate real estate, institutional capital markets, land & development, retail and single tenant investment. 

1. What advice would you provide to an inspiring advisor who is new to the industry? 

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Everyone starts somewhere – if you don’t know something, there is an entire network of SVN Advisors who are ready and willing to help. I would encourage new-to-industry advisors to select a few Senior Advisors to call and review best practices.

2. What does the SVN Difference mean to you?

Collaboration and communication. I love that I can pick up the phone and call any other SVN advisor for help. It is also great to know the same core covenants are followed by SVN colleagues who I may pass a client to for help in other markets.

3. What learning tools (book, blogs, website, etc.) would you recommend to your colleagues to further their knowledge and enhance their careers?

The book Freakonomics by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt. The book has nothing to do with commercial real estate, but will make you think outside the box, provide a new way of looking at things and inspire you to be more creative with everyday situations.

4. What inspired you to open an SVN franchise? 

The opportunity to join a growing company with endless mentorship opportunities was what hooked me. The entrepreneurship and income potentials were what reeled me in.

5. What was your most memorable deal and why?

During my first year in the industry, I was on a team working an Academy Sports acquisition. It was not overly complicated, but it left an impression on me because I was new to the business and it was an immersive deal. It opened my eyes to how much work and knowledge is needed to successfully transact an investment property of that size.


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