5 for Friday – Jason Campagna, Managing Director and Senior Advisor at SVN | Three Rivers Commercial Real Estate

This week, our 5 for Friday features Jason Campagna, Managing Director and Senior Advisor at SVN | Three Rivers Commercial Advisors, based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Jason’s product specialties include hospitality, industrial, land and development, office, medical office, multi-family, restaurant, retail, self-storage, SFR portfolio, and single tenant investment.

1. What geographic market do you conduct the majority of your business in

Western Pennsylvania and the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area.

2. What advice would you provide to an aspiring advisor who is new to the industry?

You get what you put in, so if you are willing to go above and beyond to succeed, you will. We have the right tools and training to help get you there. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

3. What does the SVN Difference mean to you?

The SVN Difference was the main reason we chose to open an SVN franchise. The collaborative workplace and state of the art systems put us above the competition.

4. What inspired you to open an SVN franchise?

When I moved back to Pittsburgh approximately 3 years ago, I was personally seeking a brokerage to hang my license. I wanted to align with a brokerage that had a very collaborative culture and was not a high head count shop but also had national coverage and I failed to identify a good fit. So, we elected to explore opening our own office. We set out to create a boutique shop comprised only of advisors seeking to achieve the highest levels of success and put a strong value on collaboration as well as a strong emphasis on state of the art systems and technology, but also one that gave us a national platform to remain competitive on larger assignments.

5. List a fun fact to share about yourself – something that people may not know and that they may be surprised to find out.

I wake up at 4AM every day to go to the gym and listen to motivational recordings.


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