5 for Friday – Cathy Barnum, RPA, MBA, SVN | Realty Performance Advisors

This week, our 5 for Friday features Cathy Barnum, Managing Director at SVN |Realty Performance Advisors based out of Rochester, NY. Cathy leverages her over 13 years of successful leadership expertise in her product specialties, which include Multifamily and Property Management.

1. What geographic market do you conduct the majority of your business in? 

Upstate New York. We are based in Rochester.

2. What advice would you provide to an aspiring advisor who is new to the industry?

Find yourself a mentor, someone who will take you under their wing and show you how to perfect your skills and bestow their knowledge of the industry.

3. What learning tools would you recommend to your colleagues to further their knowledge and enhance their careers?

A best practice is to read your local business journals – know what is going on in your market!

4. What does the SVN Difference mean to you?

The SVN Difference is important to me because it incorporates the value of inclusivity. SVN welcomes people from all walks of life into Commercial Brokerage. This enables everyone within the organization and the clients we represent to take part in more transactions and better business.

5. List a fun fact to share about yourself – something that people may not know and that they may be surprised to find out.

Not to date myself, but in the late 80’s, I was the only girl on the high school men’s golf team.


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