5 for Friday – Amy Miller, CPM, Executive Managing Director of SVN | Miller Commercial Real Estate

This week, our 5 for Friday features Amy Miller, Executive Managing Director at SVN | Miller Commercial Real Estate based out of Salisbury, Maryland. With over 20 years of commercial real estate management experience, Amy serves as Chief Financial Officer and Director of Property Management at the franchise. Amy and her husband Brent Miller, CCIM, CPM, who serves as Managing Director and Senior Advisor for SVN | Miller Commercial Real Estate, were honored earlier this month with the Ambassador of the Year Award at the SVN Annual Conference.

1. What geographic market do you conduct the majority of your business in? 

We are based in Salisbury, Maryland and we conduct business across the Mid-Atlantic region. We provide advisory, brokerage, consultation, leasing and asset and property management services to clients in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

2. What advice would you provide to an aspiring advisor who is new to the industry?

Utilize the tools your workplace provides and build relationships within the industry. Developing great business relationships is key to being successful in this business. Each and every relationship counts.

3. What does the SVN Difference mean to you?

The collaboration is what sets us apart, while the culture is what makes us unique. The spirit of teamwork and approachability between everyone at SVN helps us be more productive.

4. What inspired you to open an SVN franchise?

In 2007, we were growing and needed a platform with a proven record of success to create structure and uniformity. The culture at SVN was a perfect match for us.

5. List a fun fact to share about yourself – something that people may not know and that they may be surprised to find out.

I played concert flute and piccolo in college. My goal was to head to the National Symphony Orchestra until I took my first statistics class in college!


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