3 Reasons To Be Excited About SVN Connect App

3 Reasons To Be Excited About The SVN Connect App

Sperry Van Ness has created a commercial real estate app that I am positively excited about. This app, called SVN Connect, is free and has excellent functionality for agents, tenants and investors. I don’t think it’s necessary to elaborate on the value of something being free, but I do want to take a moment to explain why the functionality of this app is so exciting.

Excitement #1 – It automatically shows results based on user location!

When I open this commercial real estate app, I am shown listings for my immediate area. This is a great feature because it saves me the time of having to punch in a certain city or address and trying to navigate to search for listings in a manual way. I can even zoom in and out to look for listings further away, with the swipe of my fingers. …

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