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Leveraging Research and Technology


CINCINNATI, OHIO (November 16, 2017) SVN Affordable | Levental Realty (SVN Affordable), one of the nation’s leading commercial real estate firms specializing in affordable housing, brokered over $350 million in Project Based Section 8 and Section 42 transactions throughout the United States in seven months. “We commend SVN Affordable | Levental Realty for their continued…
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Labor Shortage Not Likely to Effect Commercial Real Estate Values

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national unemployment rate has fallen to 4.3% as of May 2017. Most economists would describe this state of unemployment as near “full employment” as historical data analyses show that the country rarely dips below 4% and never for that long. Yet, this near historically low unemployment has…
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Commercial Real Estate and the Economy Are Holding Steady in 2017

FOUR MAJOR COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE SECTORS EXPERIENCED POSITIVE RENT GROWTH Now that all the 1Q17 real estate and economic data has been posted and analyzed, it appears as though 2017 year to date is holding steady. All four major sectors experienced positive rent growth in the first quarter according to Reis, Inc. as apartments were up…
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Why The Return of Uncertainty Could Be Good for Commercial Real Estate

As the new administration crosses its 100-day mark, there is great uncertainty about what types of policies, ranging from health care, immigration, tax, and regulatory reform, exist. In fact, the celebrated “Trump Trade” has more or less stalled as of today, but the gains remain locked in place for the most part. The business and…
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Confidence and Optimism in Today's Commercial Real Estate Industry

According to the most recent published reports by the Conference Board, CEO Confidence spiked a highly significant 15 points as of January and the Consumer Confidence Index sits at 114.8 as of February, making each measure sit at 6 year and 15 year highs respectively. Confidence at these levels, especially when true for both consumer…
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Commercial Real Estate Markets Expanding in 2017

Commercial real estate markets have been generally growing in terms of pricing, rental rates, and occupancies since approximately 2011 and many market participants are beginning to openly wonder where the market is in the “cycle”. Since the topic of market cycles can be somewhat misunderstood, we want to offer some clarification before presenting our assessment.…
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Commercial Real Estate Investors: How to Adjust to Rising Rates

Mortgage Rates Rise as Lenders React to Market Pressures In response to a growing economy and inflation pressures, the bond markets, and now the Federal Reserve, appear positioned to support higher short term and long term interest rates. In a move that had been long anticipated, the Fed moved the target for the Fed Rates…
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Top 3 Reasons to Invest in the CRE Retail Sector in 2017

The retail real estate market, having long been the most segmented and divided sector of commercial real estate, was the most uniquely impacted in the last downturn and recovery. Grocery anchored neighborhood centers and free standing national credit retail properties have performed exceedingly well while regional malls, power centers, and non-anchored neighborhood strip centers have…
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Growth Expectations Return for 2017

BEA reports 3Q2016 GDP growth is highest in 2 years. From the shadows cast by the Presidential Election earlier this month, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released a big “surprise” during the end of October. However, coverage of this news was relegated to the back page due to the election. That news was reporting…
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